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Above we have a promotional picture from Unreal Tournament 2007 (or possibly Unreal Tournament 2008 if the release schedule slips…). The characters above are Malcom and an as-yet unknown character belonging to a team called the “Twin Souls.” Both seem to be carrying what looks like a large yellow brick, or perhaps a UT2007 version of UT2004’s worst, and second-most overpowered, weapon the Mine Layer.

Now, I don’t recall where I heard this, but the yellow brick these characters are carrying is neither a yellow brick nor a new minelayer: It’s the Flak Cannon. Aside from the Shock Rifle, the Flak Cannon has to be one of the Unreal Tournament series’ most iconic weapons. How can this boxy monstrosity compare to the classic lines of something like this?:


More below the cut…

What’s amazing to me is that the more advanced the technology gets, the worse I feel the design of the Unreal series gets. UT2003/4 was plagued by being a Quake lookalike and playalike, I’m hoping that UT2007 will not end up going in that direction gameplay-wise, but from these screenshots it seems like they’re still keeping around the Quake-like ultra-bulky characters and items. What’s rather ironic is that Quake 4, while I haven’t played it, moved in the opposite direction, with more realistically proportioned [human] characters and weapons.

“I don’t believe in total freedom for the artist. Left on his own, free to do anything he likes, the artist ends up doing nothing at all.

If there’s one thing that’s dangerous for an artist, it’s precisely this question of total freedom, waiting for inspiration and all the rest of it.”

A friend of mine sent me these renders of the original Unreal Tournament weapons the other day and I’m getting pretty nostalgic over them. Take a look at this enforcer:


Classic lines and design. Elegant, and yet brutal in appearance and function.

Some more eye candy …





Reportedly these weapons were done by someone named UArch working on the Unreal Tournament Revolution mod for UT2004, which seeks to recreate the original Unreal Tournament in the UT2004 engine. Here’s hoping they complete it.

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  1. The dual wield of the enforcers was one of my favorite weapon combos. Also, the blade shooter (whatever it was called) was another great weapon that was cut. I’ve been being a little nostalgic and playing Unreal Championship for the Xbox, which does have a little too much in common with the Quake style play.

    Also, I miss the 8-ball. Those were the days.

  2. the blade gun you’re thinking of is the ripper… exelent gun

  3. Ahhhh, I remember the original unreal (or at least the gold version) and happily fragging enemies with the shockingly powerful shock-combo and the flack cannon, THAT was a real shotgun, heh, I ruled so many servers with nothing but a flack cannon, and the goop-gun. Sigh, I miss the days of simple, appealing gameplay, without worrying if I would be able to play my game after I bought it because it was made by developers who are afraid of their target audience (alright, a little to the right of the target audience, because the people who pirate aren’t likely to buy the game anyways) I missed doom and quake, too young, but for me, unreal was one of my first real First Person Shooters and it really dragged me into the genre. Damned nostalgia…

  4. why u guys decline i think they look awsome
    (Design Decline)

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