Guild Wars Video Roundup

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The end of October was a pretty interesting time in Guild Wars. Despite prior accounts that the Halloween event would not take place, ArenaNet managed to pull it off. Simultaneously, the new expansion pack / standalone game, Guild Wars: Nightfall, was released for public consumption. I’ve got a fair number of screenshots and whatnot that I want to show off, but I figured that I’d post up a few video clips for those of you who may not play Guild Wars and aren’t familiar enough with it to put still images into context.

In any case, here’s a video montage from the Guild Wars Halloween event, showing off some of the fun extras the Guild Wars team put into the event.

These next three videos are previews for Nightfall, showing off some of the new environments, monsters, characters, and features.

Going to try and post up my massive collection of Halloween / Nightfall screenshots tomorrow, so beware.

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