Electronic Arts Slips the Slope



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Great. Now we all have to worry about big corporations including spyware in our commercial, paid-for games.

“It doesn’t collect personally identifiable information,” you say? Well, go take a look at AOL’s search records that also lacked “personally identifiable information.”

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  1. I actually predicted this almost a year ago:


    Not that it brings me much satisfaction, mind….

  2. A nightmarish vision of the future!
    It’s too bad I’m not the sort of person who thinks “there oughtta be a law,” otherwise I could call for some “Peace of Mind” laws restricting advertising in public spaces.

  3. There was a science fiction writer who said something about advertising in dreams…I’d like to say Philip K. Dick but it seems too humorous for him.

    Maybe it was just me, waking up one morning, clutching the sheets and not knowing why my anti-perspirant needed changing.

  4. Heh, that is a hilarious image.

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