Tyrian Travels: Ascalon Adventures, part 6


Guild Wars mapping again. Unfortunately I’m starting to see my desire to finish mapping all of Tyria wane, so I might wrap up this series when I get done with Ascalon. On the other hand, the imminent release of Nightfall later this month might rekindle my interest in the game somewhat. I’m not terribly excited for Nightfall, but taking a glance over at the screenshots page definitely has me craving some of the fantastic vistas and singleplayer adventure that Nightfall looks like it will have.

Areas covered in this installment: I started out with a desire to make sure I’d gotten the edges in Regent Valley, but I’d end up branching out into more than just this one zone as I ran this area of Ascalon.


I entered Regent Valley from the northwest, so the first problem area I encountered was the fogged western edge of the map, bordering on the river there. I figured there must be some way to uncover at least a portion of the map there.


Here’s my first spot of fog uncovered. You can see from the map that I’m not even very close to the edge, so chances are I’m missing out on a bit. The real trouble is finding how to get closer to the edge, which involves running around in the narrow valleys to the south before you can circle around to get heading north again. This movement to the south led me to the southwestern problem spot first, but I wasn’t able to uncover anything there.


Here I am on the shore of the river. This is about as far as I could get, but netting the fog along the side there gave me .1% completion.

Next, I warped to Fort Ranik to check the northern fogged areas. (It was quicker to warp to Ranik and then backtrack on foot than it would’ve been to run from where I was on the map to where I was going.)


Below is a picture of me looking directly at a corner of the map that netted me a spot of fog. Head directly forward from where my character is standing in the image and you’ll get it.


Unfortunately even though I ran around this northern area for a bit more I wasn’t able to find any other fog spots to uncover or any paths that might allow me to get at any more.

Later I moved on to check up on some cloudy areas in Pockmark Flats.


Here I am standing at the southern edge of this zone immediately after entering it from Regent Valley. I uncovered a spot of fog at the location of this screenshot.


Moving along the southern border of the map I also came across this nice little find above. Uncovering the fog around this area netted me .1%. Be sure to check both the lower and the upper walkable areas in this vicinity.


After finding that small bit of ruins I headed north, hugging the walls until I managed to uncover yet another small patch of fog. This one was in a rather unimpressive location, the edge of some random cliff wall. I took a screenshot of the area and highlighted it specifically since I was getting mobbed in order to get a screenshot with some visual reference to it.


The above screenshot isn’t a patch of fog or anything, I just thought it was a nice vista, in a desolate sort of way.

Here’s the overall map of my progress through Pockmark Flats:


As you can see in the image there is one more area I wanted to investigate, and that was far to the west. So I hoofed it over there.


Sorry this image above is not very good. It’s the final piece of fog I uncovered in the Pockmark Flats area, over on the western side of that zone. Unfortunately there were no good reference points nearby, it’s just on the far edge.

At this point I was feeling a little bit irritated because I hadn’t managed to uncover the fog in the northern part of Regent Valley. In a last ditch attempt to get some of that fog I jumped in to the Fort Ranik mission quickly and looked around at the beginning of the mission area (which borders Regent Valley to the south).


I did manage to find one small patch of fog over on the side of the mission path, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a way to get any further west.

Anyway, total gain for this run was about .3%, which was more than I was expecting, but then I did end up branching out into three different areas.

Last, I took a brief foray into the Fort Ranik mission to attempt to find one last patch of fog.

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  1. just thought you like to know, crtl+shift+H gives you a clear screen without the floating skills panel and map. also nightfall definitely has the single player exploring potential, plus you get heroes to train its awesome.

  2. jinxies – Thanks for the tip though I do know how to take screenshots while hiding the UI. I prefer the map to be visible in the shots though as it helps for orientation purposes in case someone is trying to check up on areas of the map that they may have missed.

    Thanks for the recommendation on Nightfall by the way, I’m giving it some time to see what the general consensus is before I decide whether or not to buy it (but I’m leaning towards buying it).

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