Character Doom

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As I mentioned in the previous post on this subject, our group is facing inevitable death at the hands of Voris.

We have six characters:

Prince Valtran of Aramoor
Zyhran Mournblade
Tor, adopted brother of Valtran
Riven, the Priest
My character, Agon
And Gunther.

Of these six, only Valtran, Riven, Agon, and Tor are at risk for immediate death. Gunther is with the party and it is his duty to create a distraction while the group of four leading the incursion into the enemy base tries to escape. Nevertheless, creating a distraction as one man against potentially hundreds of enemies is a dangerous task, and it can be assumed that if the group of four dies then Gunther dies as well.

What to do? I asked the other players what they thought about the situation and they seemed rather blithe about our inevitable death. And, while I agree that our characters ultimately seem doomed to die, we certainly have a better chance at surviving if we flee now rather than attempt to kill Voris when we have little health and are surrounded on all sides by his men.

In terms of metagame analysis, I’m certain that our GameMaster has things roughly planned out on where he wants to take the campaign. However, if we essentially throw ourselves onto the blades of Voris then he will have to completely abandon any previously planned plotlines and attempt to deal with the untimely death of a major figure (Prince Valtran) and his retinue. I think so long as we attempt to survive he’ll be a bit lenient with us.

Is there a character contradiction in coming as far as we did and then turning back? I think only insofar as we did not turn back earlier. It’s easy to be blithe about impending death when you’re not the one being dismembered to get there.

I suppose I’ll try one last time to convince the group, and if not then I’ll deal with it. I did want to play this character though, and it makes me somewhat disappointed to feel that I need to create another character. I suppose this time I’ll play someone a little more hard-nosed about his own survival and less loyal to his friends.

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