Aramoor Character Crunch

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My character sheets from the Aramoor campaign. My first character followed up by my backup character.

Crunch below the cut…

Agon, Hunter 3 (Iron Heroes Core Class)

Str: 14
Dex: 13
Con: 12
Int: 15
Wis: 14
Cha: 10

Fort: 4
Ref: 2
Will: 5

HP: 22 (3d8)
AC: 17 (Chainmail, Large Shield)

BAB: +3
Gladius, Attack +5, 1d6+2, 19×2
Javelin, Attack +5, 1d6+2, 20×2

Skill Ranks
Climb +4
Jump +2
Listen +3
Sense Motive +6
Spot +6
Hide +6
Move Silently +6
Handle Animal +4
Ride +6
Survival +5

Simple, Martial Weapons
Light Armor
1st: Tactics of the Mind (1)
Bonus: War Leader (1)
Background: Mounted Combat
Background: Tower Shield while Mounted
3rd: Combat Expertise (1)

Tactical Pool
Hunter’s Eye
Terrain Advantage

New Character, Weapon Master 3

Str: 17
Dex: 14
Con: 13
Int: 13
Wis: 11
Cha: 11

Fort: 4
Ref: 2
Will: 1

HP: 32 (3d10)
AC: 16 (Breastplate)

BAB: +3
Halberd (Blade), Attack +7, 1d10+6, 20×3
Halberd (Staff), Attack +7, 1d6+6, 20×2
Notes: 2H weapon (add 1.5x Str to damage). 10′ reach. Can make Trip attacks. Weapon Master Favored Weapon. Weapon Focus (1, 2): Add +1 attack, +2 damage.

Skill Ranks
Climb +6
Jump +6
Swim +6
Ride* +3
Spot* +1
Sense Motive* +1
Survival* +1


Simple, Martial Weapons
Light, Medium Armor
Background: Mounted Combat
1st: Hafted Weapon Mastery (1)
Bonus: Weapon Focus (1), +1 Attack
3rd: Weapon Focus (2), +1 Damage

Weapon Token Pool (gain 1 Weapon Token per hit)
Weapon Style (Expert Strike): Spend 1 Weapon Token (up to class level max) for +1 to attack or +1 to damage on next round
Weapon Style (Weapon Agility): Spend 1 Weapon Token (up to class level max) for +2 bonus to all base attack checks and ability checks made as part of an attack action, or to defend against an attack action. E.G. Trip, Disarm, Sunder, Bull Rush, Overrun.

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