Guild Wars Nightfall: Dervish Dolls

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With the Nightfall preview event going on since yesterday, I had some time to jump in the game and take a look at the new content. Aside from downloading a huge amount of content for the new release, more than I’ve ever downloaded previously, the first thing I did when I jumped in the game was to take a look at the new character appearances.

Both previous Guild Wars have had some fantastic options for making really attractive characters, so I was eager to see Nightfall’s expansion of these options. I’ve taken about 100 or so screenshots thus far so it’s going to take me awhile to upload all of my pictures. Expect some updates to this post.

Naturally one of the first classes I looked at was the Dervish:


This hairstyle doesn’t look like much from the front…


But the side is more promising…


…the long hair in the back is extremely beautiful. The jewelry used to keep the hair in the tail like that is simple but functional and attractive.


This one, again, is fairly plain face-on…


But the ponytail here is very nice, although it could use a little more volume to it.


This is one of the more noticeable hair styles in the character creation process, as it seems to be one of the few Dervish styles that isn’t a pulled-back hairstyle. It’s nice, but not excellent.


The layering effects seen from the sides offer a nice sense of volume, although there are some angles where you view the hair polygons edge-on and it spoils the effect.


However, I think the back kind of looks bland and flat. A little bit more attention could have been paid to making it look distinctive in the back as well.


The above style is probably my favorite of the bunch, combining the classy look of a stylized bun with the short off-the-shoulder tail to add a bit of uniqueness to it.


Not a big fan of dreadlocks.


This is a bland style, in my opinion, but I’m sure there are people that like it.

Below I have a series showing off the browsing windows for hair styles, hair colors, and face styles for Dervishes.




Personally, a few more hairstyles would be appreciated. Although I must say, all of the Nightfall hairstyles, even the ones I don’t like aesthetically, are typically much better executed than any of the Prophecies hairstyles. Lots of long hair and voluminous hair … Most of the Prophecies styles are closely-cropped or buns. I do feel like having a “bald” option is essentially a cop-out as a style, though.

The colors are fine, but I would like more options with regard to colors. I feel like every character class should have the same color options, perhaps a total of about 16 or more. Restricting hair colors to professions doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

The faces are alright — My main problem is the latter four all have inhuman grey-white-blue eyes. Other than slight variations in eyebrow arches and eye colors, none of them are all that distinctive from each other, though. I think there should be a few more options available for faces, even if it’s just an existing face with palette shifted eyes.

Other classes next…

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