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I’ve had a few things sitting around here for awhile so I may as well get rid of them in one fell swoop:

  • I was recently linked by a friend to this publicly available release of techno-industrial music by an Unreal community musician known as Zynthetic. A bit harsh for my tastes but pretty nice stuff, and free.
  • On a similar note I ran across this music by another Unreal community member, Toxeen, awhile ago. Nice stuff, rich sound and consistent with the work of Alexander Brandon and Michiel Van Den Bos without being derivative.
  • This link was relayed to me from the Epic Community forums. It’s a collection of all of the tracks from Unreal and Unreal Tournament. When I saw that I immediately grabbed all the tracks with Flashget. Run, Course, Foregone… They’re all good.

Earlier this week I ran across this article which looks at IMDB’s worst rated movies of all time and wonders: Will 2006 become known as the worst movie year of all time? Is it possible that the Wayans’ 2006 movie Little Man can outdo their smash [no-hit] work in White Chicks?

Although the Wayans must undoubtedly must make some of the worst movies, nobody can take a well-loved franchise and gut it of everything anyone loves like Uwe Boll. The article expresses a bit of incredulity that 2006 could be the worst year ever when Uwe doesn’t even have a film coming out this year. But wait, didn’t I see a trailer… Oh, I suppose it’s not one of Uwe’s projects, but that other guy.

I’m going to have to contradict the article here though: I certainly did see one of Uwe Boll’s movies this year. In fact, it’s Uwe Bolls best film ever.

On a serious note, I was recently made aware of Darren Aronofsky’s new film, The Fountain. I didn’t care that much for his Requiem for a Dream, but I thought Pi was excellent, and this new film, if hype is to be believed, looks like a new 2001.

3 Responses

  1. Actually, Uwe did have a movie released this year: Bloodrayne. At least in the US, it came out in January of 06.

  2. I do recall Bloodrayne from some nebulous time last winter, but when I looked it up on IMDB it listed it as 2005.

  3. Ah, perhaps Uwe had it released in late 2005 so it would qualify for the Oscars. That must be it.

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