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If you read the site semi-regularly you’ve probably noticed I’ve been switching themes a lot lately. On the whole I’m getting a little irritated with the site design. I began using Terracotta — It’s a nice design, but the colors are pretty strong and I prefer something a little less eye-catching on its own. I also wanted an easy trackback link on every post since I’ve been finding that I really get discouraged if I want to trackback from someone else’s post and such a link is not provided.

I moved to K2 after seeing a nice demonstration of it in action over at God of the Machine. Well, K2 unfortunately never worked out very well for me: The sidebar modules that come included with it, which were the primary reason I switched, would not work. Furthermore, I noticed that categories were not browseable in that theme. The categories issue is probably easily solved by adding the correct sidebar module, but sidebar modules were not working.

I then moved to the default WordPress theme. Simple, no frills, but functional, right? Well, I thought so too until I noticed that my images were extending from the main content area into the sidebar. I definitely need a content area with over 560 pixels, and I’d probably prefer 640 (though that may be a bit wide for easy reading, but then text can be padded on the sides).

For the time being I’m back to Terracotta. Hopefully soon I’ll have some more time to customize a theme.

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