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Awhile ago over at 2Blowhards there was a post about Mel Gibson, and one comment in particular by a commenter titled Brian came back to me recently upon seeing this more recent news item. A short summary: Rob Reiner wants Gibson to repudiate The Passion as anti-semitic.

Here is Brian’s comment:

But the main reason I’m siding (lukewarmly) with Gibson is because of comments like this one at Anne Thompson’s site, by someone calling himself “Bill Hicks”:

The conservative spin doctors should come to understand a basic fact regarding Mel Gibson’s situation: you are not in control of this outcome – we are. You can flood the press and internet with an apologist defense of Mr. Gibson, but his dilemma and “journey” will be over at a time and place of our choosing. We decided to not accept Mr. Gibson’s first apology because it was not sufficient. In forcing him to address the Jewish community, we attained our first goal: to have Mr. Gibson meet with prominent Jewish leaders to discuss his anti-Semitism. Once this dialogue has begun, rest assured that there will be 2 more press releases from Mr. Gibson in the future. One, he will directly repudiate the comments of his anti-Semitic father, Hutton Gibson. And two, he will apologize for the virulent and deliberate anti-Semitic content of his recent passion play, “The Passion of the Christ”. He will also reject the film and permanently disassociate himself from it as part of this apology. This is the path Mr. Gibson put himself on, and we have no intention of letting him stray from it. The alternative for Mr. Gibson is the end of his career. We’ve succeeded in forcing two apologies, and ABC’s decision to drop his Holocaust project. If he chooses not to complete his penance, we’ll ensure his movies do not get distributed through a series of boycotts that will make the entertainment business think twice about ever working with Mr. Gibson again.

Yikes! Gibson’s guilty of dubious opinions, but his enemies are revelling in the prospect of neo-fascist thugocracy. Which side is worse? “I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” Tom Jefferson said that.

I don’t particularly care about Mel Gibson, and the last movie I saw that he starred in or directed was Mad Max 2, but I do see this whole endeavor as an extremely shady deal. Talk about using religion as a cudgel, though…

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