Videogame Roundup


High-definition version of the UT2007 Trailer.

Via we learn of the new king of bloat in the games world: Resistance, Fall of Man. Money quote from the article

The game, he said, currently takes up 22 Gigabytes of memory on a Blu-Ray disc, the new disc format supported by the PS3 that is one-half of a VHS-vs.-Betamax format war erupting between tech companies throughout the year. While the music and vocals in “Resistance” take up only about 1 Gigabyte of disc space, graphics, level data and programming code occupy most of the remaining 21.

Recently I found this series of videos on a game that seems to be called, for the time being, Project Offset. This is a Fantasy First-Person shooter that claims to be in development by only five guys. The graphics look amazing, but I’ll believe it when I see it. I have a tough time believing only five people can create a feature-length game with either current or next generation technology. If they can pull it off though… Wow, I’d love to get my hands on those tools.

This is a demonstration of the game engine:

Whoever uploaded the first video here didn’t want to allow others to embed it in their webpages.

A second video of Project:

A crowd demonstration for Project: Offset.

Looking forward to seeing what happens with this Project Offset game, a sea change in the direction of the industry seems like it’d be appropriate right about now.

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  1. Wow! That Project Offest video (the 1st one) was quite amazing!

  2. I agree, it looks really nice — Almost like you’re on the battlements of Minas Tirith yourself. I’d love it if they can really pull that off.

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