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Last Monday one of my D&D groups finished a plot arc and now we have some substantial time to do activities with our characters. Since my character has been a bit “swept up” in events lately, which means that (a) I haven’t been playing the character in a way that I’m totally happy with and (b) that my character’s goals have been sidelined, this provides me with an opportunity to do some of the put-off things. When our session ended we were told that perhaps we could have some short sessions later on in the week to accomodate this sort of thing.

So now it’s nearly Sunday and two things have not-transpired: First, I haven’t come up with a clear plan for what I would want my character to due in this downtime. Second, my GM hasn’t been around to bounce ideas off of or run any additional game time. Disappointed in myself and frustrated. The GM hasn’t even given out our experience. I don’t particularly care about the experience itself, since I am usually arguing for us to level up slower, but last week we had a conversation that went roughly like this:

Me: “You haven’t updated the experience for last week’s session yet.”
GM: “You’re right. Usually one of the other guys harasses me about it but they haven’t. I’ll do it now.”
Me: “Okay. I guess I will have to harass you about it, then.”
GM: “What’s funny is that I would probably be better about the experience if I weren’t used to being harassed about it.”

So I haven’t made any note to mention the experience issue to the GM, and as a result we’re back at square one: No experience assigned. I feel like this shows lack of interest in having things prepared for the game, even if I should know better.

Yet another example is how I showed the GM an interesting program, Vibe Streamer, an extremely easy to set-up internet radio stream. Since this particular game is played online via Open RPG, Vibe Streamer offers an interesting way to enhance the game with music, as is often done in tabletop games. In fact, Vibe Streamer can be better than how music is handled typically in a tabletop game — My tabletop group uses an MP3 CD with some general moody soundtrack slash ambient music on it. With VibeStream it would be no difficult affair to create specific playlists for certain moods or scenes and merely switch between the playlists at appropriate times. In a tabletop game, unless you already incorporate use of a laptop as a GMing tool, this would be a distraction. Online, it’s a fluid part of what you’re already doing.

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