Guild Wars: Nightfall PvP Weekend

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The Guild Wars: Nightfall PvP Weekend event started today at 12:01 am. I’ve got some things to take care of before I can really participate. I signed on last night to download the new version of the client and the new assets required to play the Nightfall PvP weekend, but didn’t really have a chance to play.

I did go through the character creation process with one of the new character classes, the Dervish. I was hoping to create a female Paragon character, but unfortunately it seems like ArenaNet has decided to skimp on the art assets for this PvP Weekend event: Currently you can only play as a Male Paragon or as a Female Dervish. Disappointing.


Even with the gender restrictions the customization options are even more limited than usual. The female dervish has five hairstyles (one is bald, though, which doesn’t really count in my book), three faces, and three skin tones. The clothing styles available to her are all very similar as well.


I realize showing off pretty art assets is not the main purpose of this event, but I’ve already expressed my reservations about the cycle ArenaNet seems to be establishing where each bonus pack primarily adds two new classes and new areas. What I would really like is a bonus pack that is just that — a bonus pack. Forget the new classes, I want new models for the existing classes. I want more hairstyles, faces, body customization. These are things I’m willing to pay money for, but adding new classes is really not. I would much rather prefer denser and more flexible character classes to new classes. That is to say: All those new skills you have populating the skill lists for these new classes? Give them to the already extant character classes.

I have to say this ability the Dervish character has is quite cool:


This is an elite skill that transforms the Dervish into the avatar of the nature God Melandru. I suspect the Dervish will have an avatar form for all of the Guild Wars Gods. Neat, and new, but lets hope some of the base classes reap some of the rewards of this expansion.

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