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Two days ago I posted on getting WP-Shortstat working for this journal. I’ve now got three days worth of statistics and am finding some interesting things show up.

The number one search leading people to this blog is Gene Augury. I don’t know if we’re talking here about a deterministic approach to genetics or if we’re talking about prognostications about a person’s future using patterns of amino acids. “Your minor-house amino acids are in retrograde. Prepare for troubles ahead.”

One of the more unusual search results I’ve been getting is Valyria Music. Apparently there’s a lot of people who are either looking for music from or fitting the A Song of Fire and Ice series. I’m interested in finding any too — I’ve got the lyrics to a number of songs that Martin has in the books, but reading and listening are different experiences. Martin uses heavy metrical and rhythmic patterns to convey a lot about the sound of the songs, but it doesn’t substitute for actual music.

I’ve gotten a few hits for “UT99 dodge” or “UT99 dodge command” and other variants. Not really sure what these people are looking for — Open up the instruction manual? Here’s how to dodge in UT99: Double tap one of the directional keys. That’s it. I suppose I take it for granted knowing all these various key combinations and such.

Another popular search I’ve been getting hit with is regarding the Guild Wars title Grandmaster Cartographer, which involves traversing 100% of the game map. I’m at about 80% currently on my main character, but I haven’t played Guild Wars in about a month, and even then most of what I did prior to that was sell off items in my character’s inventory. I’ll probably try to pick it up again soon enough and make a few more percentage points of progress.

Surprisingly I only got hit with one D&D related search, considering that the majority of my recent postings seem to have been about D&D in one way or another. This person was looking for “dungeons dragons overpowered character.” Well, when it comes to D&D overpowered characters there is only one ultimate answer: Pun-Pun. Go look him up.

I’ve gotten a few more interesting ones, one person was looking for how to create bigger image thumbnails in WordPress. Another search was about the WP-Plugin Popularity Contest conflicting with inline images — I hadn’t noticed any such thing myself, but I did notice that Popularity Contest was [basically] not working.

I find this pretty fun, I’m eager to see my first … Well, I won’t mention it so it doesn’t become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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  1. We already know how to dodge.. we want the COMMAND. For ie writing into the settings ini so we can bind it to a key and not have to doubletap. It’s not in the manual.

  2. Ah, makes sense. Sorry, can’t help you out there.

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