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So I see a link on Digg about 8 Invaluable WordPress Plugins. The first thing I see is WP-Shortstat. That sounds promising. To date I’ve tried three different WordPress statistics plugins and none of them have worked. I figured I’d give WP-Shortstat a go. No go.

I scrolled down a bit and looked through the comments. I saw that apparently the version of Shortstat linked from the original doesn’t work with WordPress 2.02. Well, I’m using 2.03, but I figured I’d try the updated version of Shortstat. Amazingly, this seems to be working. It’s not picking up Opera as a browser, but that could be simply because it’s not a unique hit. Will need to spend some time with this but at least it appears to work.

I also checked out a few of these other plugins that were made available. PageNavi and RelatedPosts looked like they might be useful. Some of the others are questionable — Do we really need this site to tell us about Akismet considering it comes with every new WordPress install? Oh well.

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