US Soccer Set Back 10 Years

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So yet another US soccer (football?) game was ruined by poor refereeing. The US lost to Ghana 2-1 after Ghana was given a penalty kick for no reason whatsoever. There really needs to be some better way to handle these absurd calls rather than letting the game go on and pretending like they were fine. The sad thing is that I wasn’t rooting against Ghana, but all of the acting they did late in the game to try and run down the clock was uncalled for and poor sportsmanship.

The real villain of this whole thing is Bruce Arena, whose sentimental attitude in playing a defensive game and keeping older players like McBride and Reyna in the game the entire time really lost both the game against Italy and Ghana. The media, of course, built up high hopes that Team USA would have a shot at the World Cup, but by having the US disgrace themselves with all losses / ties and only one goal scored total will certainly contribute to the perception that the US isn’t capable of playing soccer on an international level.

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