Internet Wars

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Awhile ago there was an internet war between YTMND and eBaum’s World. eBaum’s World is notorious for ripping off content that other websites have created, putting their logo on it, and generally acting like asses when the original content creators contact eBaum’s World when they request it be taken down (or to be properly credited). eBaum’s World has been ripping off content for years and making a mint from other people’s work, but what set it all off was when a YTMND user created this YTMND and it appeared nary a day or two afterwards on eBaum’s World without crediting the creator. This sparked an Internet War, with YTMND, Something Awful, and various other productive and ethical members of the internet community facing off against the forces of darkness incarnated as Eric Bauman.

Associated YTMNDs:

All of this culminated into a “Cease and Desist” letter written by Neil J. Bauman, and, ultimately, in this YTMND. If YTMND is the culmination of the internet, then the Bauman Letters YTMND is the culmination of YTMND.

I haven’t been visting YTMND very regularly recently, but I took a few minutes to check up on it the other day. Apparently YTMND has started another war, this time with the Church of Scientology. Here’s the Cease and Desist. I’m curious how this is going to pan out — The Church of Scientology isn’t just some two-bit half-wit hypocrite thieving and free-speech subverting organization — they’re also murderous, immoral, and well-financed. I’m curious if Max (YTMND’s owner) will have a car accident soon…

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